samedi 12 août 2017

17 Things I Learned At 17

Hello friends , how are you all doing !
 so tomorrow is my birthday it's! 
I'm finally gonna be 18 years old and i don't now what that number will change but i'm really exited for future .
and since this is technically my last day being 17 years old , i wanted to share with you the 17 things that i learned at 17 years old , and i now that's probably not alot i'm still really young but i've really been waiting to write this article since forever and i've really learned a lot of stuff in the last couples of years .
so i hope you lie this article

1- Not procrastinating will save your life .
2- you will feel so much better when you help others .
3- Doing one simple little thing can make another person's day .
4- Apologize when you're wrong .
5- Trust your instinct if anything feels wrong , it's probably best not to do it .
6- Tell your parents that you appreciate what they do for you .
7- Don't be afraid to speak up .
8- Enjoying clothes and makeup does not make you shallow .
9- It's okay to say no , don't feel bad about it .
10- Drama will not get you anywhere .
11- Stop sleeping with your makeup on .
12- Tell people when you like them , be transparent with your emotions .
13- It's not okay to cry over boys .
14- If you haven't worn something in 2 years you probably never will . 
15- Surround yourself with positive people .
16- It's okay to be alone , just learn to enjoy yourself's company .
17- Time will heal every type of heart break .

- own your personality .
-it's okay to be shy .
-you cannot force things .
6 loving and forgiving are the most important things in life .

And that's everything i have to say about the seventeen things i learned at seventeen .

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