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6 Beauty Trends That You're Probably Too Scared To try

“Don’t be into trends. Don’t make fashion own you, but you decide what you are, what you want to express by the way you dress and the way you live.” — Gianni Versace

Hello girls , i hope you're having an amazing day .
so beauty trends , we all like them but we don't necessary  brave enough to try . 
Mermaid hair. Bold brows. Glitter everything. The types of makeup and beauty fads that have been trending the past few years are getting more and more fabulous and less and less boring. Now as we're into 2017, the beauty trends that are popping up all over Instagram and on the runway are perfect for anyone has ever been afraid to be as extra as they want.
so today i'm breaking down for you these 6 beauty trends that you're probably too scared to try .
and i hope you like this article 


Bonjour les filles, j'espère que vous passez une journée incroyable.
Donc les tendances de beauté, nous l'aimons tous, mais nous n'avons pas assez de courage pour les &essayer.
Cheveux de sirène. Fronts audacieux. Glitter tout.
Les types de maquillage qui se sont développés ces dernières années deviennent de plus en plus fabuleux et de moins en moins ennuyeux. Maintenant, que nous sommons s en 2017, les tendances de beauté qui surgissent partout dans Instagram et sur la piste sont parfaites pour tous ceux qui ont déjà eu peur d'être aussi extra qu'ils le souhaitent.
Donc aujourd'hui je décompose pour vous ces 6 tendances de beauté que vous avez probablement trop peur d'essayer.
Et j'espère que vous aimez cet article

1- feather eyebrows

the internet is still debating whether this is pretty or creepy . The feather brows are definitely the most love-it-or-hate-it trend to hit instagram yet

2- shaved head designs 

For the risk takers and the rebels out there. This look is not for the faint of heart, but it's sure to have heads turning to look at your shaved masterpiece.

3- glitter roots 

spice up your outfits with some extra sparkle and shine. Make it fine or chunky, either way, this looks takes a funky new spin on crowns.

4- colorful brows 

Why should hair get to have all the fun? Make a bold statement by matching your eyebrows to your mermaid locks or have some fun and add some color to them whether your hair matches or not! 

5- glossy eyes 

Lips aren't the only things rocking that sleek, glossy look anymore. Runways are covered with models adorning glossy lids that are as shiny as they are fabulous!

6- unicorn nails 

We all love Unicorns, so getting behind this trend was not difficult - I mean, just look at those colors.

Honorable mention :
glitter boobs 

Glitter boobs are the new style trending all over festivals and all over girls who want their outsides to sparkle just as much as their insides do. Whether one color or an intricate design, glitter boobs are sure to make you feel like a unicorn.

so what do you think of these trends ? would you dare rock any of them ? let me know your opinions in the comments . 

alors que penser vous de ces tendances ? osez vous de les essayer ?
laisser moi vos opinions en commentaires .

(all pictures are taken from We Hear It)

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  1. Ces tendances sont magnifiques mais difficile à concilier avec le quotidien ! Merci pour cet article en tous les cas. Bises :)

  2. J'adore la tendance des sourcils séparé ahah je la trouve assez intriguante !

    Marjorie du blog


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