mercredi 11 janvier 2017

How To Wear Velvet

“I have always believed that fashion was not only to make women more beautiful, but also to reassure them, give them confidence.” — Yves Saint Laurent

Hey loves , i hope your having a really good day 
so if you haven't notice already that velvet is back in stores you've been probably living under a rock 
seriously velvet is everywhere this winter .
Personally i think velvet is great and i've kinda waited for it to come back cause it's one of the best things to wear in the winter time ,
but styling it can be really hard sometimes cause if you wear it the wrong way it can be a disaster 
so today in this article i'm going to give 5 outfits suggestions that you can use to style any velvet item you have 
and i hope you like this article .

Coucou les amours  , j'espère que vous passez une bonne journée 
donc si vous ne l’avez pas réalisez que le velours est de retours dans les magasins vous vivez probablement sous une roche 
personnellement je crois que le velours et parfait pour l'hiver et j'ai beaucoup attendu pour qu'il revient ,
mais styler le velours est très difficile c'est pour cela que je vous ai préparer 5 tenues comme d'habitude pour vous montrer comment porter le velours 
et j'espère que cet article sera utile .

Outfit N°1 :

Outfit N°2 :

Outfit N°3 :

Outfit N°4 :

Outfit N°5 :

so this gonna be it for this article i hope you girls liked it 
leave me what you think about this blog post in the comments if you have any suggestion you can leave it in the comments too 
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alors voila pour cet article les filles , j'espère que vous l’avez aimé  
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mardi 10 janvier 2017

The Ultimate Fashion Bucket List For Girls Under 30

“Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.” — Rachel Zoe

hey guys how are you ? i hope you're having a happy new years 
so you've probably already noticed that this article is written in english wish is something that never happens on this blog but the thing is that i'm rally passionate about english and i can only express myself in english and it's actually my favorite language i've been thinking about changing the writing language on the blog for quite sometime but  i didn't know when is the right time to do it so i just decided that i'm gonna do in the first article of 2017 so here it is guys i 'm still gonna write the translation in frensh but the main focus would be on english so  i hope you guys would still enjoy the blog as much you did before 

salut les amies comment allez vous ? j'espère que vous êtes entrain de passer une bonne année 
je crois que vous avais déjà remarque que cet article est écrit en anglais j'ai voulu changer la langue du blog de puis toujours mais je je savais pas quand est le bon temps pour le faire alors j'ai décider de changer la langue d'écriture des articles avec le premier article de 2017 mais je vais quand même faire une petite traduction en français et j'espère que vous allez quand même aimer le blog avec ce changement  

so enough talking  and let's get to the more important stuff wish is today's article wish i think is so amazing 
When you hit the big 30, you start to really figure yourself out. You're much more confident, aware of who you are, and you embrace that person. When it comes to style, you begin a new journey into a more mature way of dressing that you didn't find important in your 20s. Before you get to that new decade of your life, take advantage of all that the fashion world has to offer!
and when it comes to fashion every girl under 30 has bucket list so that when she is 30 years old she has already figured out her style and what looks better on her 
so if you haven't realized it already this blog post is going to be about the ultimate fashion bucket list for girls under 30 and i hope you like 

lorsque vous avez 30 ans vous commencez figurez vous même  Vous êtes beaucoup plus confiant, conscient de qui vous êtes, et vous embrassez cette personne. Quand il s'agit de style, vous commencez un nouveau voyage dans une façon plus mature de s'habiller que vous n'avez pas trouvé important dans votre 20s. Avant d'arriver à cette nouvelle décennie de votre vie, profitez de tout ce que le monde de la mode a à offrir!Et quand il s'agit de la mode de toutes les filles de moins de 30 a la liste de seau de sorte que quand elle a 30 ans, elle a déjà figuré son style et ce qui semble mieux sur elle
alors si vous ne l'avez pas réalisé déjà cet article va être sur la liste ultime mode pour les filles de moins de 30 ans et j'espère que cet article sera utile

1- Wear mixed print outfit 

some people say that wearing prints is for younger girls but you can prove them wrong cause you can still wear a mixed print outfit while you're 30 and you'll rock it .

2- Rock a monochrome look 

Do head to toe black, white, gray, or any color you want. If you aren't big on prints or colors, a monochrome look can make just as powerful a statement.

3- Make one big splurge 

No, you shouldn't blow your entire paycheck on one luxury item. At least not all the time. spoil yourself! One big splurge is fair if you've earned it.

3- Find the perfect pair of jeans for you 

Finding a pair of jeans that fits you well , affordable and just looks cute on you can be a little hard so by the time you hit the 30s you should have already found the right pair .

4- Wear a pair of super high heels 

While you're young and still have energy, hit the club or a party in a super high heel. Strut your stuff in a sexy mini skirt to match, or try something edgier like a pair of ripped jeans and a camisole tank. Once you've mastered the art of walking in heels, you can do it in any style of shoe.

5- Dress outside of your comfort zone 

When shopping, we often turn a blind eye to clothing that we think is too outrageous, or that looks like it might not fit well. But sometimes in life you have to take risks. So even though you feel a bit too "exposed" in pieces that aren't quite your style, you'll actually learn a lot about yourself if you take a chance and try something new.

6- Try body jewelry 

Body jewelry are amazing they can dress up every thing even just a bikini and they can take any outfit from zero to a hundred really quick .

7- Have a basic shoe collection 

Look we all love shoes it's nothing to be aschemed of you can't really be a girl without buying a pair (or two ) of shoes every time you go shopping ,  But by the time you hit 30, you should at least have a basic collection going. This will change over time, but if you have at least one pair of each type of shoe (sneakers, heels, sandals, etc.) in your closet, you can easily replace them with newer models each year. 

8- Rock a pair of leather pants 

Seriously, wear a pair of leather pants. The older you get, the less likely it becomes that you'll even have a place to wear leather pants. You can still pull them off after 30 if done right, but when you're still in your 20s, you'll be considered stylish and awesome for wearing a pair of pants that many are too afraid to even try on. 

so this going to be it for this article girls i hope you liked it and founded it interesting if you liked the fact that i changed the writing language let me know in the comments and if you didn't like it let me know too 
i love you guys so much , see you in the next blog post 
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voila les filles pour cet article j'espère que vous l'avait aimé et j'espère aussi que vous avez aimé le fact que j'ai changer la langue d'écriture du blog alors dites moi en commentaire si vous l’avez aimé 
je vous adore et au prochain article 
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